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Express Loan 911 is the only micro-credit company that uses IBV (Instant banking verification). This allows us to provide our services faster, confidentially, and securely. Get approved for an open credit from $500 to $1,500 now!

Get your open credit without sending a single document!

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2. Vérification Bancaire Instantanée (IBV)

2. Instant Banking Verification (IBV)

With Instant Banking Verification, you will be approved in seconds!

3. Recevez votre facilité de crédits

3. Receive Your Loan

We will deposit the credits directly into your bank account today*

No Documentation
+ No Credit Check
= No Stress

Gathering all of the correct documentation and sending it off can be annoying. Thanks to our IBV system, you will not have to worry about making sure you sent all the documents.
At Express Loan 911 we strongly believe that if we wish to continue moving forward, we must stop looking at the past. That’s why we approve you in a few minutes without conducting a credit check.

Calculate Your Payments

1. Open Credit Amount
1 000$
1 250$
2. Repayment Frequency
Every week
Every 2 weeks
3. Payment Amount
per payment over approximately 0 days

* The scenario shown in the simulator hereabove also includes a brokerage fee charged by the broker with whom the borrower deals for the purpose of being granted an open credit by a third party lender. This brokerage fee is independently set by the broker for each file for which a open credit is obtained for the benefit of the borrower and is distinct from the credit fees and interests charged by the lender granting the open credit. The definitive terms and conditions relating to the brokerage fee, the amount of the open credit, the credit fees and interests, the frequency and amount of the installments to be paid may vary. The scenario presented in the simulator hereabove only serves as an example and does not constitute the definitive terms and conditions upon which an open credit may be obtained and/or granted.

Why choose Express Loan 911?

Paperless loan

You don’t need to go through the hassle of sending documentation by fax or email.

Secure and Confidential

Our IBV technology ensures the highest security and confidentiality.

No Credit Check

Our approval process does not require a credit check.

Direct Deposit

Receive your open credits directly in your bank account.

Get Your Open Credits Now

  • I loved my experience with Express Loan 911 because they have always been incredibly open with me. Whenever I had a question, they would answer super quickly and help me understand anything that went over my head. After this experience, I felt like I was a micro-loan expert!

    Leislie O'ReillyLaval
  • After filling out my form, it only took an hour for me to get a call telling me I had been approved for my loan. I needed quick cash, and Express Loan 911 helped me out so I could make ends meet between paycheques.

    Samuel FosterMontreal
  • Having gone through major banks for loans in the past, I knew how much of a hassle it could be. I loved that I didn’t have to print off documents and send them through the mail. I needed money fast, and Express Loan 911 delivered.

    Justine RobertsonMontreal

Fast Open Credits from $500 to $1,500 available anytime!

What are the Annual Interest Rates?

We work with dependable financial institutions to offer a rate of 18.99% annual interest.

Payment Policy

If you wish to use one of our credit facilities, you can use the following payment model as a guide : a withdrawal of 750 $ on your facility with bi-weekly payments of 121.01$ will take 10 installments.

This example is given as an example only and considers that the initial withdrawal has been entirely refunded to the credit facility before using another credit amount. In the example above, the weekly 22.75$ membership fee is included in the repayment amount.

Installment calendar

We determine your minimum payments together, after having looked at your financial capacity to repay and the time durong which you want to make installments*. Membership fees are applicable as long as there are used funds on the credit facility.

Our credit facilities are subject to flexible payments, as per the client convention and can generally be reembursed within a 3 to 6 month period. Nonetheless, you can pay the whole or a part of the amount due at any time.

Credit score and financial support

Our business model complies to Canadian legal norms. If a particular situation arises during your use of the credit facility, our service department is there to help you out with payment deferrals, making modifications or other needs you might have.

The transactions made on your credit facility do not affect your credit score in a positive or negative way, because we don’t communicate with the credit bureaus.

* The payment amount cannot be lower than 5% of the amount used on your credit facility.

Report fees = 0$
NSF = 25$

*Your application has to be completed and approved before 2:30PM. Click here for more details.